Thursday, May 08, 2008


Our neighbors have 2 children who both walked at 9 months so they never used the little walker toy that their grandma gave them. It was in a box in their basement so they brought it over the other night. Luke likes it, of course, because it's new, but Erin has been using it a lot, too. The wheels roll freely so sometimes she is really running after it, but she's walking behind it more often than playing with the front now.

Just like Luke, she is very careful and cautious. I have seen her go down to crawl 2 feet when she could have just turned around and taken a step. But, I have also seen her once or twice take the step, too. I'm not over anxious for her to walk - I find it interesting how her development so closely parallels Luke's. He walked on May 1, 2006 - he was 15 months old! Erin will be 14 months on Sunday.

She also cut 2 new teeth in the past few days. She has been sleeping very poorly at night and I think this may be the reason why. This morning I saw her first molar and she also got another incisor on the bottom right. Luke's first molar came in on the top at 15 months; Erin's is on the bottom.

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Gayle and Rob said...

An open front door and Erin in shorts must be signals of nice weather in D.C. What cute pictures!