Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Time to get something else on the top of the page

I know, TMI on that last one. It's time for something new to look at every time I open Firefox. Here are some pictures from the last week.

I finished something new that I'm going to try to sell at the bazaar in November and also on my etsy site, which I have finally reopened. I'll put a link up later when there's a little more in it.

In this picture Erin is playing with it. It's a little book I made out of fabric. On the front it says, "I CAN" and on the inside are all different small motor skills for kids to practice, like TIE, SNAP, BUTTON, etc. I think it turned out pretty well and there are only a few things I need to tweak.

Our irises are blooming in the back and Alec tried to take some pictures a few nights ago. They turned out pretty blurry, but you can get the gist of it from this, I think.

On Sunday Alec picked up Luke from Sunday School and he had a lion face painted on him. They had learned about Daniel in the lion's den. Roar!

Erin is really enjoying bath time lately. Last night she couldn't wait for the tub to fill before trying to climb in by herself. It was pretty funny and cute. These are her nudey buns, as Cousin Lexi would say.

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MLE said...

I see someone got his new summer hair cut! Very nice! The nudey buns are nice too!