Monday, June 09, 2008

A new play pen

We bought a new air conditioner window unit this weekend. The one in Luke's room was too big and loud so we put it in the kitchen since the one there died last year. We put the little one from our room in Luke's room (it wasn't big enough to do a good job in our room) and put the new one in our room.

Of course, it came in a big box that begged to be played with before it gets recycled. Erin thought it was fun to sit in there with her juice and some toys.

And Luke thought it made a good fort. He also crawls in, pulls the flaps down and plays peek-a-boo with Erin.

He recently learned to take his shirt off and now does it regularly if he is "sweaty." I let it go today, but sometimes he wants to do it in a store too. He also learned how to do buttons and yesterday at church started to unbutton while we were still there.

Both of them are still sick with some awful-sounding coughs. Erin has a fever again today and right now is having a hard time falling asleep for her nap because of all the coughing. At least it's too hot to go outside and staying inside feels justified. It's 95 right now and tomorrow's forecast looks about the same. Yuck.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the adorable pictures of your three. Alec has always worn his shirt unbuttoned on hot days so Luke is following along. I hope your colds and coughs are gone soon. And, we heard that you would have a break from this horrid weather on Wed.

Tink said...

Hey, at least it's JUST the shirt. My little brother loved being naked, and that boy was QUICK. LOL.

B said...

I remember making forts in the living room and I think there were big boxes involved...Very cute. I like that Luke does things to make Erin laugh. Can't wait to see you all in 2 weeks!