Saturday, June 07, 2008

First swim of the year

We are in our second day in a row of an excessive heat advisory. Alec put the air conditioners in the windows yesterday - not too bad to get to June 6 before turning on the AC!

Speaking of June 6, what were you doing at 1:23 and 45 seconds today? At that moment it was 1:23:45 on 6/7/08. Trivial, I know, but cool in a "hmmm" kind of way.

Anyhoo... since it was so hot and he was still sick, Alec decided it was the perfect day to do yard work. He trimmed the hedge in the backyard and raked a whole bunch of leaves in the front. Then, since he wasn't sweaty enough yet, he stacked all of the firewood he cut this week with the new log splitter he bought with his birthday money. He was sufficiently hot then so he filled the pool.

Erin wasn't so sure about the pool. I put her feet in and had her sit on the little steps but she cried until I took her out. Check out the dimples in those thighs!

Of course, Luke had no qualms about the pool.

Once Erin saw him playing (and the toys he was playing with) she got a little more into it. She tripped and dunked her head in and then Alec took her on his lap. Mostly she just wanted a cup so she could drink the water - also her favorite bath time activity (we hide the cups - gross!).

She got frustrated after a while because we kept hiding the cups from her, so I took her inside and we watched Big Brown lose the Belmont.

And here's one last cute one that I forgot to post the other day.


MLE said...

I just love Erin's grown-up smile in that last picture! It's been so hot here as well -- and huge tornadoes moving through. Even though the news said a 1/2 mile wide tornado touched down in Lansing (I wasn't home at the time), I have yet to see any damagae around here, which is a blessing. I'll be ready for the humidity to go down!

Joy said...

Cute pictures. I mentioned to Jon that it would be fun to live near you guys. His response was "So Alec and I could sit in the pool and drink beer together?" :)