Thursday, June 05, 2008

Backyard fun

Now that Erin can walk, she can play a lot better in the backyard. She still loves the little car, but she can play easier in the playhouse now, too. I just need to keep on top of keeping it clean - the spiders like it, too!

Part of being 3 years old is starting to see right and wrong. I've been seeing that with Luke in his play. He often wants to be a "bad guy" or play with a sword and get the bad guys. Lately he also likes to go in the garage and get his tricycle out. Usually he just sits on it in the shade and talks to himself - kind of funny to watch out the window! On this day that Erin was in the playhouse, Luke kind of combined everything with a very comical effect.

He was a bad guy on his trike - I think the helmet and glasses are what made him think he was bad.

And despite the heat, he kept that helmet on the whole time he played outside!

Here are a few more pictures from that afternoon.

Erin is sick today with a fever. I'm not sure why. She's sleeping already now again. The fever isn't too high, so I'm not especially concerned - Alec has a bad cold, too, so maybe she just caught his bug.

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Gayle and Rob said...

Call me a grandma with an prejudiced opinion if you like, but those are two of the cutest kids I've ever seen!