Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You don't have any cool music, mom

Our neighbor across the street frequently "shares" his music with us whenever he gets home. We are treated to some sort of speed metal blaring out of his pick-up while he sits and listens a few more minutes.

Today at lunch it happened again. The windows were wide open and Luke said, "Mom, I hear music!" He kind of pulled up his nose and walked over to close the front door, which was open to let in the nice fresh air and sunshine. When I asked him not to, he started dancing to the beat. It kind of reminded me of the way Elaine Benes danced on Seinfeld.

When the guy finally turned off his truck, Luke was disappointed. I told him I would turn on some music on the computer so he could dance some more. He looked at me and said, "You don't have any COOL music, Mom." Ouch.

Actually, I do. I knew he meant he wanted something loud and fast so I found some Third Eye Blind. The first song, Anything, begins with a really quiet guitar solo and Luke's face got all squinched up again and he told me it wasn't cool. Then, when the music suddenly turned fast, the look on his face was priceless -- "Ooh, wow, my mom IS cool!"

I took a little video of him "dancing" so you could see how funny it is. He was dancing to the second song, Wounded, which goes back and forth between fast and slow. Just as I started taping him it turned slow and he stopped. I told him to keep dancing and he said, "No, this music isn't cool." (Can you tell what his favorite word is lately?) You can see him kind of slap his arms down at his side in disgust and then he walks away. (He was watching the iTunes visualizer while dancing.)

Meanwhile, Erin was playing in the laundry basket.

Later she played with the pots and pans

and IN the pots and pans cupboard.


bob said...

Wow! that dude has some moves!!
Can't wait to see them tomorrow!

KTP said...

Kyle LOVES the iTunes visualizer. He says "I wanna listen to music on the computer!" and he doesn't dance, he just sits there, mesmerized. I made him listen to some IG, but mostly he loves Old MacDonald's farm and, curiously, an Old Navy dance music CD. Baby Loves Disco, indeed.

Gayle and Rob said...

Sounds like you can check off another item on your Life List, Katie! What an accomplishment: "My mom is cool!" Where did Luke learn about dancing? He sure gots da happy feet...