Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I realize that it has been 2 weeks since we got back from Chicago. Dad reminded me that I hadn't put any pictures up so I'll start trying to update things now. I haven't been feeling very motivated to blog lately, but I'll try to keep up.

The first whole day we were in Chicago we took a trip to the Fair Oaks Farm dairy about an hour away in Indiana. It was quite a learning experience, including witnessing the birth of a calf, which I'll spare you the pictures of.

Here's Luke watching one of the displays about what they feed the cows.

This is the milking parlor - 40 cows on a revolving turntable. Takes 5 minutes to make a complete revolution and it runs 21 hours each day - 7 on, 1 off to clean, repeat.

Here's Erin on Auntie Beth's lap playing peek-a-boo with Uncle Bob on the bus ride tour.

Luke couldn't wait to jump on the "big bouncy thing" outside the barns after lunch.

Obviously enjoying it. By the way, see the green bracelet to show we paid our admittance? He insisted on wearing that for the rest of the trip. We finally cut it off when we returned to Maryland and he showed Daddy.

We had to sample some of the products from the dairy store. VERY tasty ice cream and a good variety of yummy cheeses. Luke gave his approval of the chocolate.

And Erin enjoyed her bites from Auntie Beth's whopper of a waffle cone (I had one too - my first waffle cone EVER).

Erin being silly on the ride home - before everyone fell asleep.

And lest I fall behind again, I will also give some pictures from today. We went to IKEA this morning for breakfast and our mid-summer catch-up with all our CBS friends. I bought a cheap potty to keep upstairs to hopefully motivate Luke a little more (hasn't worked so far, but we'll see how tomorrow goes) and for $9.99 this lovely little igloo tent. Erin was pretty tired when we got home but she liked laying around inside anyway.

After naptime (and Luke playing for 2 STRAIGHT HOURS with a bucketful of new PlayDoh toys we picked up from a FreeCycler) the kids played non-stop in there until supper time. Erin's hair gets pretty wild when they run around and in and out.

Still both pretty independent players. Fine with me - no fighting then.

This is how Erin plays with Mr. Potato Head - tries to put on the glasses.

And a last shot of Luke's heiny. He thinks it's fun to try to stand on his head or do somersaults in the tent - until he moves it a little and bonks his face on the wall. Eh, he'll learn.


MLE said...

Thanks for the update. I know it can be hard to stay on top of the blog, but it's great to see the pictures!

MLE said...

Oh, also I called last night becuase dad was watching the news and I saw KTP -- mom thought I was crazy when I jumped up and down and said I knew who that was. I've been camping though, so I had no idea that 1) she was telling you about it in her blog and 2) you were obviously already aware of it. Anyway, I was excited that I recognized her.