Thursday, September 25, 2008

The new sewing machine

I promised some pictures so here they are. This will be quick - it's a rainy day and Luke wants me to watch "Moe and the Big Exit" with him.

Here's a picture of the machine. It's a Singer Futura CE-250. My favorite feature is the stop needle - you can set it to stop with the needle up or down. It sure makes machine applique a lot easier! I keep finding myself reaching for the fly wheel, though, because I'm not used to it yet.

It has 100 pre-programmed stitches and there is a little pull-out list of them all so you can quick choose the one you want to use.

I've been messing around with the new stitches to see which ones work the best for what I want to do with them. Here are a few samples:

I'm almost finished with that little book and then I can start on the ones I'm making for Emily's roommate - FOR PAY. I didn't want to mess around with something I didn't know about yet on something I was selling. I still have to work on the buttonholes first, though, since I haven't figured out how to place them yet but the automatic buttonholer (with 6 different choices!) is pretty neat and easy to use.

And here's what Alec worked on last week. The lady he's working for right now had a commercial kitchen sink as her wash tub. She wanted to get rid of it because it was bigger than she wanted. Our old one was fiberglass with duct taped holes in the bottom. We knew we would get a new one once we start remodeling so Alec just put this one in now. The price was right and now we won't have to mess with that later!

Time for Moe!


Gayle and Rob said...

The Singer looks wonderful - and if you can call sinks wonderful, then that is too! Have fun with all the fancy stuff on the machine.

Anne said...

Ooh, I really love that last stitch!! said...

Nice! I was just thinking I should pull my machine out one of these days. Mine is not nearly as fancy as the new shiny Singer though!

Tink said...

I am so impressed with people who can sew. I have no skill at it. The few times I tried, after careful instruction mind you, I got my hair and then my sleeve caught in it. Lol.