Saturday, November 08, 2008


Last Saturday we went to our church's Fall Festival. Both kids got their faces painted for the first time. I didn't think Luke would want to so I didn't even ask, but when he saw one of his friends with a bat on his cheek he wanted one too. He is very into superheroes right now and associated it with Batman (even though he's never seen any movies or cartoons).

It kind of looked more like a dragon to me, but he didn't care.

After Erin watched her little friend get a flower, she pulled me over there to get one, too. And miraculously, she sat still long enough!

It was pretty late by the time we got home which is why the only pictures I got are in the tub.

Alec has been working really late lately so he's been reading more to the kids before bed. Here they are looking at Erin's library books.

Luke recently introduced Erin to the joys of Walter Wick, the author of the "I Spy" books and the "Can you see what I see?" books (known as "Seymour" books around here).

It was Thursday so we were having a jammie day.

Each page is filled with things to look at and a little poem of things to find. Every time Luke turned a page, Erin would say, "OHHHHH!" and make this really funny face.


Anne said...

Erin's belly is just too cute! :)

B said...

I like the look of wonder on Erin's face. And it seems like Luke is doing a good job of sharing/teaching (at least for that moment)! You said that Alec's been working late - did he find something permanent?

MLE said...

Beth asked exactly the question I was wondering -- does Alec have a new job?