Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making progress

There have been a few quiet "hallelujahs" at supper lately. On Monday Erin ate the same chicken we were eating (even though it was dipped in ketchup). Last night she ate meatballs with spaghetti sauce. Up until now I have been preparing separate meals for her because she is so dang picky. I decided I wasn't going to do it anymore. She's almost 2 and she won't starve. I'll give her healthy snacks that she will eat and make sure there's at least one thing on the table at supper that she likes, but I'm not going out of my way anymore. She still won't eat any vegetables (although on Monday Alec got her to eat a carrot by dipping it in ketchup and telling her it was a fry) and she won't eat other stuff Luke likes. She won't even eat pasta! If I can get her to try one new thing each night (without her spitting it out or throwing it on the floor or squishing it up) I will consider the meal a success.

Last night since Luke ate everything he declared he was going to have ice cream for dessert. It was fine with me, but I didn't want Erin to have any. I put some vanilla yogurt in a bowl and she figured she was having dessert like everyone else. Wonder how long we can keep that charade going.

After supper, Erin went into the laundry room and found Alec's work boots. She was wearing a plastic fireman hat and then Alec put his gloves on her. It was pretty funny to watch her walk around with all that stuff on.

The boots were finally too much for her to handle and she toppled over.

And not to be outdone . . .

Acting goofy


Gayle and Rob said...

So cute!! and I support your decision about the food. She won't starve and as long as what she does eat is healthy for her, she'll come through this too. Or as Grandma B would say "This too shall pass." Sometimes food becomes a control issue with kids.

MLE said...

Yeah, so doesn't look like she's starving! She looks pretty serious eating that yogurt -- hope the deception lasts a little while!

Katie said...

And of course tonight already I gave her something different, but we were having pork and that's pretty tough for little kids to chew sometimes. Baby steps.

Brooke said...

What is it with picky girls? Rachael actually isn't picky, I guess. She just doesn't eat! We have our staples though.

As for the Halloween costume, he wanted them off as soon as we got home. I had purchased a few light weight cars that he hadn't played with yet.

And the camper...check out my August posts! There are two re: the camper.

Good to hear from you.

Anne said...

Good news - we successfully convinced our firstborn that yogurt was pudding for about 2 years. We called it "fruit pudding."