Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A few funny things Luke has said over the past few days.

After a long, concerned conversation on his toy cell phone:
"That was Lexi. Her husband died."
Lexi is his cousin. She's 6.

Luke "Mom, Jesus died in a race car crash."
Me "Really?"
Luke "Yeah, but it's OK because he died for my sins."

This morning after I told him tomorrow is Christmas:
Luke "And then it will snow?" (poor kid, he wants snow so bad)
Me "No, it's not in the forecast."
Luke "Is it in the fifth-cast?"

And a couple pictures of them with their new blankets from Tutu. They came during lunch a few days ago and when we opened the boxes they were not wrapped. It's OK - they have enough to unwrap tomorrow I think it will be a little overwhelming. Plus it's been so cold they have been put to good use in the family room already where it is freezing even with the baseboard heater and portable ceramic heater running constantly.

Luke's has Thomas the Tank Engine on it. He was thrilled. He told me he was going to cry. When I asked him why he said he was so happy.

He also told me that the blanket was "just bead-i-ful!"

Erin's has Tinkerbell. Funny enough, she knew who it was. There is a huge billboard down the street advertising the new movie and she points at it every time we go past.

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