Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I know someone who likes Peppermint Joe Joes

Well, who wouldn't?!

Peppermint Joe Joes are cookies from Trader Joe's. They are basically Oreos with crushed peppermints in the creme. Yum.

Don't tell anyone, but I have my own box of Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe Joes. I eat one when I'm finished washing dishes at night. My present to myself for finishing my most hated job.


Sharon said...

If we had a Trader Joe's close by I'd be into the same kind of dark chocolate treat. Our closest is 150 miles north in Eugene. Whenever anyone is going that way we all give her our list for TJs. Sandy loves oreos so he and Erin could share (or not).

MLE said...

Me too!!! I love the dark chocolate ones as well and have been slowly eating a box over the last couple of weeks. I'm with Erin on this one -- she has great taste!

Callie said...

Those are the best! I like the idea of eating one after one's most hated job. Although right now mine is breastfeeding and that would mean I'd be eating 8 a day. Hmmm...not a bad idea! :)

Rebecca said...

I adore the mint Joe Joe's! And I totally sneak them when Sam isn't looking. I wonder how much longer that will last? haha =)