Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What to do when it's 20 out and your 3-year-old wants to wear a tank top

Let him.

Who cares if it doesn't match the shirt on underneath, at least he's warm and not fighting you about what to wear.

He's been wearing that police helmet around a lot lately. He's a superhero you know and superheroes need a gimmick. Sometimes he wears his sunglasses (goggles) with it and yesterday he also had the Harley Davidson do-rag from Grandpa underneath the helmet. And he usually has his backpack now, too, because that's what Dora the Explorer wears on her adventures.

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MLE said...

It's nice to know there's a super hero in the family just in case I run into trouble. Does he have a signal or a light or something that we need to use when we want to call?