Friday, March 20, 2009

The past month in pictures

Yeah, I know. Here you go.

Erin's First Bike Ride

Wiggled too much and got some neck skin pinched in the helmet strap - she'll learn.

Missed a cowboy-themed birthday party because of sickness, but still got the goodies.

I had picked this up from a FreeCycler for Luke to bring to the party. Oh well. He still has fun with it. Calls it Bessie - it's a boy.

Still into Superheroes. Erin still copies everything - her favorite saying is "Me too!"

Got these umbrellas, Erin's boots and jacket at Aldi for about $6 each. They love it when it rains now!

Erin found Luke's old dragon costume, which fits her now.

Alec dug the footings for the garage addition. The concrete has been poured now too, but it's been too wet and cold to work on it for now.

Oh, yeah. Erin turned 2!

At the start of the cake eating . . .

. . . and at the end. "Moe peas."

Her actual birthday - her CBS 2-year-old class.

Trying on new birthday gifts. Luke thought he was pretty funny because he put his sweatshirt on backwards.

I guess this is her "strike a pose."

Putting the new baby to bed.
I've been meaning to take a picture of this for a while but keep forgetting. When she goes to bed, Erin has a special way she likes to be tucked in - all the stuffed friends have to be piled on top of her in her arms and then the blankets have to be over everything. You can hardly see her face when it's all done.

Playing with the sleeping bags on the trundle bed.

New birthday toy.

Another new birthday toy. Notice the vacuum attachment (sword) and the bubble wrap.


MLE said...

YEAH! But this just makes me more anxious to come and see them. I'm counting down the days. They are just too precious! I may have to think about moving in your direction -- but there's that huge bookcase I just built...

Gayle and Rob said...

Thank you, thank you for the pictures. I'm going to print a bunch off and change my picture frames around the house and at school. I can't believe how long her hair is getting. And now I'm jealous of Emily!! Love, Mom

bob said...

Hooray for pictures!!

Gayle and Rob said...

Luke seems to be having fun as big brother. And I love the cowboy hat picture! Wish I were closer to lend my back to Alec's project -- looks like fun!

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I just skimmed back through your blog since Dec. 1st and had a great time catching up on your kids!
I saw those same raincoat/boot/umbrella ensemble at ALDI and thought they were ADORABLE!!!
I loved seeing your beautiful children and learning about them. Superheros are something we know nothing about here, so its fun to see how popular they are at your house!
That's exciting that you are gettin a garage! Look forward to seeing more pictures of that!
Thanks for your comments!