Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Surprise! Here's more!

We had a nice visit with Alec's mom, dad, sister-in-law and niece last week. Here is Aunt Kelly reading to Erin, Luke and Lexi.

Tutu bought matching dresses for Lexi and Erin. It was pretty cold but they both had sweaters that went with them and I put on a long sleeve T-shirt under Erin's. Unfortunately, Luke developed croup over Saturday night so I stayed home from church with him (which is why he isn't wearing church clothes).

Erin crawled right up into Tutu's lap with a story.

The cousins. It finally warmed up nicely the day before they left. Luke and Lexi played outside all afternoon and had a great time together.

It was chilly so I made a cake for them to decorate for something to do. Luke had an idea to make a "face" cake so they used candy to make a face.

It wasn't very pretty, but it sure had a lot of hair!

Here's Erin being silly while she ate her cake.

Erin found the sticker drawer. "Teekah, Mama!"

When Erin wakes up from her nap, she is frequently very crabby and clingy, which makes it hard for me to get supper ready. Last night I suggested that she go get her baby and feed her supper while I made ours.

She got a drink, too.
Then Erin wanted some, too. She was putzed with me that I wouldn't let her give the baby a real drink.

More fun with sleeping bags. I figured what the heck, it's still cold out and soon it will be so warm they won't want to.

Luke having fun with a new flashlight. Maybe you can't tell, but the lights were out in the room, on his insistence.

Erin had to have one too, but didn't quite know how to turn on a mag light.

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Callie said...

Your kids are so cute! And that cake looks delicious. I'm thinking about making myself one during naptime!