Thursday, July 16, 2009

Erin's oddities

I thought I would write a little about the funny things Erin has been up to and saying lately before I forget them. She's talking a lot more now and picks up funny things she hears. Her favorite phrases right now include:
  • "because" - when asked why she did something
  • "come ON" - used at surprisingly appropriate times when she is frustrated or impatient
  • "chupchup" - her favorite condiment
  • "me too do it" - when she says me too she means she wants to do something, not necessarily that she wants to copy Luke - she says it at the beginning of every sentence of something she wants to do
She LOVES Luke's bed. I know she would love to have her own twin or toddler bed, but I also know that she would never stay in it long enough to fall asleep - so she still gets zipped into her crib tent every night and nap time. Also, she has - HAS - to be covered with her blankie. If we forget she tells us to "spread it." She is also quite good at making it very smooth over herself.

She likes to play the piano and, like Auntie Em, is regularly found singing little made up sing-songs. Or Twinkle, Twinkle.

Her choice of music? "Only One Woof" by James Herriott. Lovely little tune.

She loves bath time. I usually get Luke out first because he can go up and get dressed by himself. She likes to stay and play in the draining water. Lately she has been lying down when it gets shallow enough - this night her hair got a little too close to the drain. Reminded me of Alice with legs like toothpicks going "glug glug glug" down the drain.

She still loves the pool too, although after last night's injury she may be a little more careful. She jumped off the side of the training pool to Alec and when she got to the bottom kicked her legs a little too soon and scraped all the skin off the tops of 4 toes on the way up. She cried a little this morning when she first started walking - I think they were stiff, but at least they are starting to scab over a little. Now we have to hear about her "boo boo" all the time. At least until the next one.


Thru a Tori-lens said...

Sweet girl! I love it... Hey- I want to read "The Well-Trained Mind..." how is it? xoxo

Mrs. Fix said...

The bathtime shot is priceless. Frame it!

MLE said...

making up songs and loving to swim? how does she have so much of me in her? I love it!

Callie said...

She is a beauty. I love the one in the bathtub.

Kim Tracy Prince said...

She is such a beautiful child. Thank you for the update!