Saturday, September 19, 2009

When there's not enough time to duck

Last night Alec got out his Frisbees for Luke and Erin (and himself) to play with. Our backyard isn't really that big and not 2 minutes after they started playing, Alec threw one and it bee-lined right to Luke's face. He put his hand up, then down and it hit him squarely in the left eye/nose bridge. He cried for a while and we iced it right away, but it swelled up a little and turned red. Today it is a nice, dark red on the nose and all around the eye. I'm guessing tomorrow it will be turning purple.

Here's a picture of what may turn out to be his first black eye. It's not really that dark in the picture, but it's pretty noticeable in real life (if you click on the picture you can see a little better - it's red around the eye on the right). I'll take another picture if it gets darker.

And here's a recent picture of Erin, just for fun.


MLE said...

Does he need a picture of Auntie Em's broken nose to make him feel better! Everybody need a good black eye picture once in life!

Callie said...

Still adorable despite the injury! Hope he's feeling better.

Gayle and Rob said...

Well, he still has a nice little smile. Auntie Em did NOT want dad to take a picture of her with the black eye!

Mrs. Fix said...

OUCH! Poor Luke! Hope it heals soon!