Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hope Squared

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Welcome back. Neat, huh? My friend Carin is the one who started Margaret's Hope Chest - read the website for more information about how it was started and why. Quite inspirational - both for the hope aspect and the crafty one.

The reason I'm posting about it is because I want to help spread the word about her latest adventure, Hope Squared, the point of which is to make a quilt for every homeless child in the Grand Rapids Public School system by Christmas. Since they will need over 200 quilts, every bit can help. I plan on making one to use up some of my stash. Mom? Got anything you can send?

For complete instructions, go to the post where she explains it. It's pretty easy and if you don't quilt, spread the word to the people you know who do.

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Gayle and Rob said...

I think I have at least one in my finished projects box that I can send along. Do they have to be made from squares or could it be other styles as well.