Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun with boxes

Luke and Erin are explorers today, thanks to Huggies. We cut apart a Pull-Up box and made telescopes and binoculars.

Luke searching for an elephant.

"Ooh! A big giraffe!"

Every explorer needs a break for some trail mix.

"Sit down, Erin, so we can drive our jeep."
Incidentally, apparently the telescope can become an exhaust pipe for a jet pack when it is put into a backpack and worn. Very versatile.

"Me too want to drive too!" (still working on grammar with her)


Gayle and Rob said...

Cute as ever!! Makes me miss them even more when I see how much they are growing, physically and in terms of imagination and problem solving!! They are quite a pair.

Kim Tracy Prince said...

I got to go to Hawaii recently, and there, it finally struck me that your new blog title just means Waterhouse in Hawaiian.

DUH. I can see why you pine for it. I left my heart in Haliewa.

MLE said...

Great pictures! I miss them! And I love your new living room rug. Is that IKEA? I need a better rug in my living room and haven't found one yet!