Sunday, November 08, 2009

Christmas Preview

For all you Bosschers coming out to visit in 45 days or so (who's counting?) here is a little preview:

We had breakfast in our jammies yesterday -- and subsequently discovered that Erin no longer fits into the one-piece footies since she is much taller than she was last year. Guess we'll have to find some new jammies so they can match on Christmas morning again. I'll have to go shopping - bummer.

We then went upstairs and did a little rearranging. We put the workbench in Erin's room and the table back in Luke's room. He said he wanted to do his homework there. Fine with me - will give him something to do during rest time, which he balks against so much these days.

Here's some insight on Erin: see how she forgoes the chair? She also got rid of the book 2 minutes later and colored on the table. The attention span of a gnat, that one. At least she wasn't ranting at me, which is her latest preoccupation. I'd rather not talk about that.

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Gayle and Rob said...

I'm counting!!! Let me know their sizes and I'd be willing to get the Christmas morning jammies --that way it will be a surprise for Christmas Eve? Or if you've already done it, no problem.