Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Five Years

Five years ago today I did this:

Four years ago, a free Safeway cake:

Three years ago, a fire truck cake:

Two years ago, cupcakes at a Lightning McQueen birthday party:

Last year, a Batman cake (and jammies!):

This year, a sea-themed cake (because there was no way I was making Gil Gripper, the underwater diving Rescue Hero!):

According to Luke, it was the best cake EVER. And he loved the Rescue Heroes he got, even if Gil Gripper wasn't one of them.

The towel is there because they had been soaking in vinegar-water all day, trying to get the nasty cigarette smoke smell out of them. That e-bay seller will be getting a sub-par review from me for not telling me they were from a smoking household!! Thanks to a few of you for the tips on using vinegar. The smell of the toys now is a faint smoke/vinegar mix, which I'm hoping will wear off soon (Luke either didn't notice or he didn't care).

I thought it was fun to see how his interests changed and were reflected in his cake choices each year.

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