Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preschool Parade

Apparently part of preschool is the Christmas program. Not having been to preschool myself, and being new to this school, I wasn't sure what to expect. Neither was Luke. He was excited that Mom & Erin got to come to school with him, but he was surprised that he would have to wear an old-fashioned choir boy outfit with a big red bow. So was I. A friend who was helping the kids get ready told me that he fussed about putting it on - said he thought he would be embarrassed. I'm glad he wore it because he would really have been embarrassed if he were the only one not wearing one.

Here he is coming into the room. They walked around the room once ringing their bells. I think they were supposed to be singing, too, but the tape player made up for their lack. Four-year-olds can really only do one thing at a time. Ringing a bell and walking was pushing it without adding in the singing.

Getting up on the stage. He is right smack in the middle in this picture.

I was also surprised by how many entire families were there. Alec didn't come and I think he was maybe the only dad that wasn't there. Oops.

Clapping to "Go Tell it on the Mountain." I was surprised by how much they packed into this little half hour. Songs, rhymes, verses - all kinds of things they had been learning. Next time he tells me he doesn't want to go to school anymore because he doesn't learn anything there (yes, he has used that excuse on me several times) I'll have to refer him back to this program.

Well, we got that out of the way. Next year we'll start homeschool, but he'll still be able to say someday that he was in a school Christmas program. Goody.


Gayle and Rob said...

Such a cute boy. You don't know the half of how parents can surprise you. They never miss a ball game, or a 2 second chapel prayer, or a dress up book report -but it's like pulling teeth to get a dad to a parent/teacher conference.

MLE said...

They look cute, but I understand his embarassment! Maybe it will help to tell him that he looks here just like the Cat in the Hat -- only our will have a bow 3x this big!

I second the G/R comment -- every basketball game, never conferences. However, how these dads leave jobs, etc. for every 4:30 basketball game is beyond me. And a little unnecessary, I think.

Mrs. Fix said...

Katie -- Go ahead and clog up my comments -- and my email -- with any advice you'd like to give. I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for your encouraging words!