Monday, February 08, 2010


That's what one friend on Facebook labeled his pictures of this weekend's snow. Catchy. And appropriate.

So, in case you haven't heard, it snowed here this weekend. A lot. About 32 inches to be exact. And we're supposed to get 10-20 more tomorrow. And we had about 5 the week before. Luke was off Monday & Wednesday last week, they had an early dismissal on Friday, and now I doubt if he'll be back at all this week.

People are slowly digging out. I got out this morning to go to the store and most roads were passable. The main roads had one lane plowed plus the turn lane. Our street is probably the worst. A tree came down right across the street and, instead of moving the tree, the plows went around it and never came back. It is a packed-down mess whereas most of the rest of the streets in town have dry patches already.

The store was pretty empty this morning. Most people went out on Friday for their TP and milk plus all their Super Bowl party stuff. I didn't even try (I was stocked up anyway!), but this morning I went because I don't think we'll be able to again for another while.

Lots of places have power outages but we were fortunate. We have a lot of tree branches down though, including a huge one from our magnolia that is resting on the roof of the family room. Also lots of holly branches that snapped off from the weight of all the snow.

In case you can't picture 32 inches of snow, here are some pictures.

Stacked firewood - what Alec does to get ready

The magnolia at the site of the break - it's on the house side.

Pulled down the wrought iron fence around the porch.

Picture taken from out my bedroom window.

View from the side living room window

Alec's truck - it looked like it was attached to the bush next to it.

Rhododendrons couldn't take the weight either - they'll probably bounce back.


Our trees were full of robins during the actual storm. Alec had just scared them off when I took this picture but there were probably 30 more just on this tree alone.

There's a playhouse, castle, and tricycle down somewhere under all that.

View from front door today - holly branch came down.


Gayle and Rob said...

Thanks for the pictures, Katie. It is really hard to imagine the weight of all that stuff and even harder to imagine that you might get more! Glad that your lumberjack husband is keeping you warm. Take care.

Julie said...

I am a bit jealous... though I don't know what it's like to be snowed-in with kids. Hmmmm. Hope you're surviving well!

Brooke said...

Love the pics! Esp. the icicles. Should be an interesting 24 hours...

Callie said...

Hi Katie (and Luke)!
I can't answer the question regarding what Jesse is saying because I'm not sure what you mean. Sorry! As for the second one, Hadley LOVES elephants, so she is pretty motivated to learn all about them. Besides her name, that's all she can spell. :)