Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello there!

If anyone is still reading this blog, the next posts are for you. I don't make any apologies; life gets busy and priorities change. However, this blog was created initially for the family far away and I wanted to put some newer pictures up. My head is full of crud right now and I'm not feeling wordy, but I have a few posts in my brain that I'll put up later.

These pictures are from the last CBS class of December. Erin's class was part of the kids' presentation to the mom's. They sang "The First Noel" and recited a few of their verses. The kids were VERY antsy - most of them were 3-4 years old and their teachers had made them practice 2 times already that morning (?!?!) - but they wore costumes and looked cute. Here Erin is the right-most sheep.

The sheep with her finger in her mouth (haven't found a way to break that habit - bitter nail polish didn't faze her).

Worshiping the "baby Jesus" - a doll, not the real thing.

Saying their verses.


Julie said...

I still head to your blog, so thanks for the post. :) And it just so-happened that I checked it the same DAY you posted! Sweet.

My sister Jodi had a terrible thumb-sucking habit, and I remember a few things that my parents did to break it. I think what worked (though I could be wrong) was putting 5 pennies out at the beginning of the day and taking one away every time someone saw her with it in her mouth. Whatever was left was put into her piggy bank to save. Don't know how effective that was, but I remember being jealous of the money she was getting. Ha!

Who knows... maybe Erin will just grow out of it?

David Barr said...

I'm still subscribed to your blog.

At least her finger is in her mouth rather than in her nose. We're trying to break our five year old of that one.

Brooke said...

Still reading! And Rachael spent the CBS program with her finger around her nose, not necessarily in it. Still yuck!

Feel better!

Gayle and Rob said...

Yeah! Grandma goes to the blog to see if there are any new pictures frequestly. Even though I know that you'll usually tell me on Facebook if you've posted something, I go to look at older pictures. Thanks for the review of birthday celebrations!