Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Happy Holidays. Bite Me.

I know, I know. It's not the nicest title, but you'll get it in a minute. It has several levels of meaning.

Yesterday was the first foray into the world of Christmas cookie baking this year. I had an easy recipe that souped up a cookie mix I had lurking in the cupboard. We mixed it up, I got out the cookie press, we squeezed out some cookies and the kids each put sprinkles on a tray of chocolate stars.

Here's Erin wondering why her sprinkles won't come out.
I didn't open it until I could help her with it. She's 2 - I'm not stupid.

Here's Luke carefully putting sprinkles on each cookie
(he had just spilled some all over the floor and was now being extra careful).

We put the cookies in the oven and then I allowed them to watch a few of their favorite clips on YouTube while we waited. We had just heard "White Christmas" in the car and they wanted to watch the clips of "Sisters" from the movie - they especially like the part when the guys dance to the record.

Next follows a succession of mistakes on my part. First mistake - let them sit next to each other in the same chair.

I was in the kitchen taking out a pan from the oven (second mistake - leave them alone in the same room for 2 seconds) and started to hear Erin winding up - she wanted to watch "the boys" again & I told her to wait a minute (third mistake - it only takes a second for her to get into trouble). Again, SHE'S 2 (and maybe I AM stupid) - she doesn't know the meaning of the word "wait." So she leaned over and clamped her little mouth onto Luke's shoulder and held on. All of a sudden I heard screaming and when I ran into the room she was still clamped on. I had to pry the little stinker off!! Through his shirt she had broken skin and left a perfect little imprint of her teeth. Get it now? Bite me? ARGH!!

After about 20 minutes of screaming and crying (from both kids) they finally settled down, apologized and sat down to sample our wares. Get it? Bite me?

Look closely through the fuzz of the unfocused picture - see the red-rimmed eyes?

It's pretty much how things go these days. I am a-weary of it. That's why I'm feeling especially sarcastic. So bite me.


bob said...

who was it who bit who in the tub when we were little?

I think it was our middle siblings... maybe it has to do with the second child. :)

Hope tomorrow is better, but those cookies looked great!

MLE said...

Hey! I know I was a biter, and I guess I can relate a bit to Erin in many ways. I'm glad they are able to make up and get along afterwards. Kate, your two are a lot like you and I in so many ways -- and unfortunately that means this might go on past age 2! Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

They are growing so fast! You need to lay off the fertilizer on those sprouts!