Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We don't think inside the box here

We just sleep in one!

This past weekend we finally got a new couch. I'd been looking for one that would fit the smaller space we have in our living room. An average sized couch would be too big so I was looking for something that would be more loveseat sized. We finally settled on one at IKEA. This one.

Since it was an "assembly required" item, it came in some big boxes. And of course the kids couldn't resist playing in them. Luke took the 2 end pieces and created a little hidey-hole.

A really little hidey-hole.

After we took those pictures, Alec showed him how to unfold the ends to make it bigger. When we did that to both ends it became big enough to lie down in - and take a nap. On Monday, Luke took a nap in the box and I took a nap on the new couch.

Today I got tired of the boxes in the office taking up room and causing a hazard for anyone walking through to the family room. We hauled them up to Luke's room, where he took another nap in them.

Cute, huh?
And he really is sleeping in this picture - not faking.


MLE said...

So maybe this is the new solution to the nap time woes! He is adorable in there!

Gayle and Rob said...

That is so cute! Cheap fun.