Monday, April 19, 2010


Here are a few pictures from our picnic lunches outside lately. The first set is from early March, the second set from mid-March. We've had more since then but I don't take pictures anymore.

I like the next 2 pictures because you can kind of see how Erin was walking with her arms swinging around. She can be very be-boppity sometimes.

Luke tries to be patient with Erin, but she really doesn't get how to play catching games yet and he got pretty frustrated with her just standing there with her hand up. I don't think he remembers that he "played" the same way 2 years ago!

This day was pretty hot so we made a shade tent under the clothes lines. Kind of difficult since they aren't parallel to each other.

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MLE said...

OH do I miss them! If only I could get my fix every day and see them like this. If only you had a good Christian high school in your area that I could do drama at...or there would be a reason why you guys just HAD to move to Chicago. I need to plan my next visit, don't I?