Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When a 3-year-old stops napping

The afternoons can get pretty ugly. Erin napped consistently for 2-3 hours in the afternoon -until she threw away her pacifier. Now it's spotty at best and she can get very cranky. Here's what ends up happening some days:

Pretty cute, huh? However, after a long nap on Monday followed by 2 hours of naughtiness after bedtime, I have decided that quiet rest time (without sleep) in the afternoon followed by some heavy activity outside is the best ticket for a better bedtime. Yesterday we had rest time for about 45 minutes (she is still learning how to do that and I hope to increase the time up to 60-90 minutes) then went outside to work in the front garden for a few hours. She did not get out of bed after bedtime even once!

Here are some random pictures of the sweater that I finally finished for Erin. Thankfully we've had some chilly weather and she could wear it yet this year - plus it's pretty big and will still fit her next year. It took so long because the neckline ended up not being stretchy enough and she couldn't get it over her head. I had to learn a new technique for binding off. Good thing too, because I have yarn to make a matching blue one for Luke, Mr. Giant Head, and now I know what I'll have to do when I get to the neck on his.

Not sure why she had to tilt and do a funny smile in each picture.

One last thing before I get the kids up. If you haven't heard Rush of Fools yet, go check them out. I think I may actually buy some new music.

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bob said...

nice sweater! did you use circular needles or did you have to seam?

and the head tilt, obviously it's because she's modeling the new look! :)