Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Break

During Luke's spring break we went with a friend and her 3 kids down to the Air & Space Museum. Luke had been wanting to see the rockets so we took the Metro down one VERY windy morning and to a look.

Here are all 5 taking a break from walking to the museum from the Metro station. They are the same ages as Luke and Erin plus or minus a few weeks (my friend had twins when I had Erin).

The museum has a really great hands-on room for kids and they have a little demonstration/talk every morning that we were there at the right time for. The kids got to make paper airplanes and have a little contest after they learned about different aspects of flight.

Here's Luke in front of the rockets. He was a little disappointed because the stairs were blocked off. Usually you can go down in the pit and look up at the top but for some reason there were locked gates in front of the stairs.

It was a fun visit, but I am really looking forward to when my kids are old enough to go to museums and really look and appreciate all parts, not just the kid's section!

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MLE said...

I love his tongue hanging out there while he's listening! What great concentration! And I haven't seen those kids for awhile (I remember when they were little when Erin was born) -- what great curly hair they all have! Wow.