Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday

Since Erin has been 3 for a month and a half now - and I think I wrote all the thank yous - I'll put up some pictures of her big day.

Aunt Emily sent matching shirts for Luke & Erin with the Cat in the Hat since she was directing "Suessical the Musical" - but in typical Luke fashion he decided to have a grump attack and refused to be in the picture at breakfast time. So here's Erin by herself in her first picture as a 3-year-old.

He consented to a picture that afternoon before Erin opened her presents, though.

And here's the required goofy picture.

Erin got some new Dora undies from Grandma. Always good to have extras of those.

And lots of play food to use with the dishes she got at Christmas.

Some cute new spring clothes from Aunt Emily.

She very nicely allowed Luke to help her open up the doctor's kit - sorry no picture of that but that was the last present and then they were off to play.

That night some friends from church came over for supper. Erin had requested a pink cake with pink stars (no idea why the stars, but she was adamant). I had white frosting and didn't want to add any more food coloring than necessary, but she didn't mind.

That's her "everyone is looking at me" face.

Here's the next day. They had several afternoons of playing nicely with the new food. Restaurant, store, tea time, etc.

And Aunt Beth sent another cute outfit and some markers and coloring books. Here's a picture of Erin using the markers. They are Color Wonder so she didn't need the smock, but she had just been painting - I'll post pictures of that later.

Thanks for all the fun presents!


johnatarchives said...

Thanx so much for sharing,Katie.
Loved looking at he birthday pictures,Janke.

MLE said...

Yeah! I was hoping to see some pictures of them in those shirts! I'm so glad they fit and they were both willing to get in a picture!

Looks like she got some nice things, and that they are able to play with them together!

I'm thinking of a visit in August. Any objections or conflicts with that?