Monday, May 03, 2010


This Saturday was "Berwyn Heights Day," our town's annual shindig. I'm not really into these things, but the kids like the parade and the free train ride (a smelly diesel-engine thing that goes up and down our street). I did not take them near all the junk food and games this year - maybe when they have their own money to blow...

Anyway, Erin wore a new outfit from Aunt Beth so we had to take a picture. It's my current favorite picture of her. The key to such a nice smile? Two seconds before I told her not to smile!

And of course Luke wanted in. And Erin's tongue wanted out. Doesn't he look like such a teenager in this picture? The hands in the pockets and the half-interested look.

But then he figured out that Erin was goofing around so he had to join in.

Sometimes I can get them to hug, too. It's rare, so enjoy it.

That afternoon Alec filled the pool for the first time. It was REALLY hot out and the kids enjoyed playing in the water (and dumping it out and on each other). And here Luke doesn't look like a teenager but a nerd.

Mom, that's the new suit you gave Erin. It's the best one she's had yet - fits just right and covers her buns (we've been having wedgie problems lately - she calls them "slivers").

"Mom, take a picture of me throwing this really hard!"

Snack time.


Gayle and Rob said...

Grandma loves the new pictures --I'll have to change few frames around the house now that I have a realy cute one of Miss Erin. Tell me the brand on the swimsuit and maybe I can find another one that will work for her. Size??

Julie said...

Ha! I laughed out-loud about Erin's slivers. So cute.

And you're right about the whole teenager thing... that's exactly what I thought before reading it!

It seems to me like they both suddenly look quite grown up.

MLE said...

I also loved the slivers - I may have to use that one from now on. They are growing up so much, and darn cute in the process!