Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School

I love back to school time. The routine of a normal schedule helps me function so much better.

This morning was the first day of Erin's 3-year-old preschool at the same school Luke went to last year. She'll go 2 mornings a week and we'll use that time to do kindergarten at home with Luke.

Here's Erin just before we left the house. Typical goofy pose.

She did really well at the drop off time. We got there just on time and didn't have to wait around getting nervous. Mrs. Baker was there with her name tag and a hug for Luke. It was especially nice that Erin already knew her teachers and was excited to see them again.

We went inside and hung up backpacks and jackets (yes, we truly needed a jacket this morning which helped it feel more like school time). Before we even got to the hooks, Erin spied her name on a carpet square - "Mommy! Erin!" She proudly went over after hanging up her things and sat down like a big girl.

Luke and I gave her hugs and kisses so we could slip out when things got started. Mrs. Baker got out her bean bag to do a tossing game for the kids to tell her their names and get a little acquainted. She asked the kids, "Does anyone know what this is?" Erin says, "That's an O!" Sure enough, there was a capital O on one side of the bag! That's my girl!

Remember how she cried last year when we dropped off Luke on his first day? Well, Luke didn't cry and he really didn't ask about her during the morning, but when we got home after picking her up I noticed something interesting. He excitedly brought her upstairs to show her how we had cleaned her room and found some things she had squirreled away and couldn't find, how we had changed her sheets and put on new ones she hadn't seen before, and he made me sit in a different spot at lunch so he could sit next to her.

And they've been playing nicely pretty much all afternoon!


Julie said...

so sweet. absence does make the heart grow fonder, in some cases. :)

Gayle and Rob said...

Well, you had grandma in tears after that slide show. I think she will like her time in school.