Sunday, August 08, 2010


So it's been awhile. So long, in fact, that when I returned to my blog today I noticed that the background picture was no longer available. Hence the face lift.

Since summer is already 2/3 over, I thought I'd just put up a few pictures of some highlights.

Luke got a TON of hand-me-downs from some friends that moved. In it were 2 "Incredibles" pajama sets. Guess what they were watching here?

Alec bought me some really pretty flowers for our 10th anniversary.

We had some fun catching fireflies.

Erin didn't really get the hang of it at first. I think the twilight was throwing her off.

A friend gave us the little bike that her grand-daughter outgrew. Erin doesn't understand how coaster brakes work so she's been demoted to the tricycle for now.

Luke enjoys the bike, though. I think he's about ready for the training wheels to come off.

We were treated to a mating dance by some pileated woodpeckers in our front yard sweetgum.

Someone still refuses to nap (and we prevent her from it most days so she goes to bed at night) but sometimes gets a little worn out from superhero work.

I finished 2 quilts, which I then gave away.

We celebrated the 4th of July at a friend's house and were amazed by how many small children would fit into a tiny plastic pool.

We made mustaches. Luke dressed up appropriately.

Erin "copied" his outfit. You can see her thought process, right?

And her precious little grin underneath?


Julie said...

I love the mustache pictures. So much fun.

I'm still hanging on to naps with a firm grip... but nighttime routines can be a little aggravating.

Callie Feyen said...

There you are! Your kids are so cute. And those quilts are gorgeous. How did you find time to do that?

Gayle and Rob said...

Thanks for the pictures - I just updated my frames around the house to include some from last week. Is the "binary" quilt the one you made for Margaret's Hope. It's beautiful.

Brooke said...

Can I bother you for a hand-me-down of the Incredibles pjs someday? Our JACK JACK would love them! :)