Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anthophyta and Angiosperms

The science curriculum I am using for Luke can be used for a variety of grade school aged kids so there is some vocabulary that is pretty advanced. I like it! He has already learned about binomial nomenclature, taxonomy and vascular/non-vascular plants. Today we learned about the phylum "anthophyta" (flowering plants that produce seeds) and the word "angiosperm" (literally seed container). Then we talked about non-vascular plants and found some moss in the front yard to draw in his notebook.

An added bonus was finding a millipede for his bug box.

Yesterday Erin was doing some letter practice on Starfall. I thought it was funny that she concentrates the same way Luke does!


MLE said...

Love it! He is now currently more advanced than most of my freshmen.

Melanie said...

Yes, I barely remember any of the stuff he is learning and I had botany in college. Loved all the recent posts.