Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Remember this? This week, after a year and a half, Alec finally took the next step. A mason friend of his had offered long ago to help and this week had the leftovers of a load of sand he wanted to bring over. He ended up staying 2 days. Well, he went home to sleep, but there is now 2 days' worth of work out on that concrete pad.

The first day:

Luke and Erin "helped" dig around the base.

That's our friend in the orange sweatshirt, Mr. Jim. Or Mr. Harkleroad, which I started making the kids call him when I learned HE IS 83! A very interesting man. He told me today that he has 9 kids ranging in age from 60 to 32. My parents are 59. I'm 34. Weird.

He came back again today when the kids and I were at CBS. We returned home to find a bit more finished.

Including some "real" brick in the front which was already taller than Luke.

It's been nice out and the kids want to be out anyway so I took the opportunity to prep my front flower bed for some tulip bulbs. I'm going to outwit those squirrels this year. I'm armed with oyster shell. They don't like to get their nails dirty.

No, that is not our car. Our neighbor has the exact same one.

The block is much higher now but Alec forgot to take a picture before the sun went down. I'll post another update later.

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Gayle and Rob said...

Looks great Katie - maybe you'll be able to get the car out of the snow this year!