Saturday, October 16, 2010

Done, for now

Here's the last batch of garage pictures for now. I don't know what Alec's time table for putting the roof on is - may be a while before we see that happen.

This first group is of Alec chipping out bricks from the existing garage to tooth in the new part. Very dusty, loud work.

Here are a few of the kids indoors after their bath that night. We have been eating late to let Alec get more done outside. Erin wanted to use Luke's pattern blocks. It was the first time she used them and she understood right away how to make the pictures.

She told me she was Superman Pajama Girl.

Luke with the ever-present Legos.

Here's Mr. Jim finishing up on the top row of bricks on Wednesday.

And what it looks like now. There is the last row of block on the top . . .

and you can see the bottom of the window finished in this one.

Thursday it rained all day - pretty good timing, I think.


Gayle and Rob said...

Wow - looks great and I like all the sunshine in the pictures. Cute kids too. Have fun with Emily this week.

B said...

Nice! I like the look of the new bricks mixed in with the old.