Wednesday, November 03, 2010

SICK of sickness

To begin with, here's a picture of Erin at about 6 pm tonight:

Yes, she is sleeping on the kitchen step-stool. Here are a few reasons why:
  • She had croup again on Sunday night.
  • Since Monday she has been coughing non-stop - literally.
  • She was up approximately 5 times last night. I say approximately because I lost count. I'm tired, too.
  • We spent 2 1/2 hours today either in the doctor's office or waiting for medication.
  • Fifteen minutes of that time was spent on a nebulizer doing a breathing treatment. I cried a little thinking that this could be the beginning of a lifetime of respiratory problems. A good friend of mine died from asthma, I've been with my sister during some bad attacks, and I've always dreaded the possibility of having a child with it.
  • She really can only sleep mostly sitting up. There's too much junk down there to sleep any amount of time lying down.
  • Luke's ears have been cleared (unrelated, I know, but I had to throw something good in there).
The verdict (2 1/2 hours and a LOT of $$ later): she has pneumonia and is on 2 antibiotics and an inhaler every 4 hours. Whee.

I would be satisfied if Jesus came back tonight. I'm not being flippant. It is one of a mother's worst nightmares to listen to their child struggle for each breath and not be able to do anything about it. I can't wait for those promised glorified bodies.

Well. Need a good laugh now? Look whose job it was to empty the clothes dryer.

Oh, there she is!

Not be outdone or left out . . .

Leaf vacuuming service commenced yesterday so we cleaned up the backyard blanket of yellow poplar leaves. It made quite a pile. Kids didn't care in the least that they were pretty wet.

Tulip poplars have LARGE leaves.

And, lastly. Erin always wants me to draw her face. I'm not a very good artist but my pitiful renderings seem to satisfy her. Not Luke, though. He wanted to "improve" it.

Giant ears and horns! MUCH better.

If you want to see some good pictures of our visit with Emily a week ago, I just uploaded a bunch to my Facebook page.


Julie said...

That really stinks. :( I hope things improve soon and that it's not something permanent or continuous.

On a lighter note, I love the embellished drawing. Beautiful! :)

MLE said...

Poor baby! I think I was just a little older than her when I had my first pneumonia. Hope she grows out of the worst stuff like I did -- I still sound horrible any time I get a cold because it goes straight to my chest -- but things are much better!

Thanks for the update. I'll check the Facebook pictures tonight before the show to give me a smile! Love you.