Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pre-Hawaii Christmas Pictures

I am typing this on a brand new Mac! More on that story another day.

Quick before I go to bed now, here are some pictures of the kids opening presents a couple days before we left. We decided (well, I did because it affected me most) that it would be good for the kids to have something new to occupy them with while I was trying to pack and get the house ready for us to leave for 2 weeks.

Guess who started this?

Alec & I got the kids "Pillow Pets" this year. We meant for them to come before our Florida trip so they could have them in the car, but of course they were back ordered and I didn't order them in time. They loved them anyway. Luke has a dolphin that he named Nemo (Rescue Heroes reference).

Erin got a panda. She's not very good at naming things yet so it doesn't have one.

Luke was ECSTATIC to get a whole box full of just Lego people from his grandparents, aunts & uncle. He also loved the big box of plain Legos.

Erin got a dollhouse this year from the relatives. I figured she would like another container to put stuff in and it's too big to carry around the house! It also folds closed which is a must in her small bedroom. She likes to set all the furniture up - or just line it all up on the floor.

Aunt Pat sent a box that got here before we left, too. More Legos for Luke - an oil tanker truck that he put together very quickly. I let him take it to Hawaii and was very glad I did. He and his cousin, Lexi, spent literally hours playing with Legos.

Aunt Pat found out Erin was getting the dollhouse and sent another room of furniture for it.

Another "I Spy" game. This one is called "Eagle Eye" and you have to find a picture on your card before the other players. Pretty fun and more challenging than the other ones we have.

Erin got a little play pen for her dolls, which was great because she also got an American Girl-type doll from Auntie Mary (it's the same size but made by another company). Now she has a stroller and bed when she plays with the dolls and stuffed animals.

That's it for now. There are about 90 pictures from Hawaii. I'll go through them another time and post some of the good ones.


MLE said...

Awesome! I'm so excited to see new pictures and hear about your trip! Which rooms does Erin have now -- the birthday in March could be a great chance to get another room for her!

Katie said...

Em, she has the little kitchen table it came with plus a living room and dining room. She'd probably like a bedroom. She commented to me (after looking at the box) that it didn't have everything with it! She doesn't know about the joys of "sold separately" marketing.

Gayle and Rob said...

Thanks for the pictures - Erin is a smart little cookie! I love hearing about their comments and responses.