Thursday, December 22, 2011


*update - click here for the recipe at Carin's website

A HUGE thank you to my friend, Carin, who has inspired me in several ways over the past few days (more on that later). Today's fun idea from her was a big hit. We made Flubber! Best $3 (for borax and glue) I've spent in a long time.

A few things I overheard the last hour while they have been playing with it:
  • "This is the best toy ever!" (this from the boy who has told me no less than 5 times every day for the last month what he wants for Christmas)
  • "I'm pretending I'm a chemist."
  • "I'm having so much fun!!"
  • "pbbbblbbbppbbb" (that would be a farting sound made by blowing raspberries on the Flubber - really quite funny, but incredibly annoying after the first few times and hence banned for now)
I should also add to Carin's notes that if you have children like mine, you need to explicitly tell them NOT to put it in their hair. I just spent the last few minutes trying to get it out of Luke's hair. It wasn't too hard. I also had to get a spot off the rug where Erin dropped a piece of it - also not too hard, but you should try not to get it there in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you want to post the recipe? It looks really fun!