Saturday, March 19, 2011

T-ball and the return of Old Mr. Jim

Luke started T-ball this week. They have practices every Thursday night and Saturday afternoon. He was frustrated after the first practice because they didn't do any batting, but I explained to him that the coach had to rush over from his work and couldn't stop to get his equipment. Also that there is more to baseball than batting. I think he understood and today he got to bat so all was well again.

Here are a few pictures. I'm not positive, but it seems to me that the ages range from about 4 to maybe 8 or 9. The 4-year-olds don't really have a clue. Luke has a red glove in this picture.

Here they're playing "fox and rabbit," a game to help them learn how tag out a runner. Luke is the fox.

And here he's the rabbit.

Today they played catch with a partner for the first time. It was pretty funny because only 1 or 2 can really throw yet and none of them can catch. They were supposed to say something to help them remember how to throw properly, but I don't think many of them remembered what to say, much less how to throw. I guess we can work on it in the back yard during school breaks. In the next picture Luke is bending down to catch.

And in this one he is just releasing the ball. Funny enough, he throws right handed. However, I noticed that they had him batting left. Maybe he can switch hit. I guess he's opposite of my dad - writes left and plays sports right.

I forgot to take pictures of the big lumber piles in the backyard. They were delivered from The Home Depot earlier this week (Monday? Tuesday?) and Alec had to move everything from the curb outside the fence a few over into the backyard, a tedious job that took most of one day. The first picture is a whole pile of 2x8s? 10s? Not sure exactly - big, long boards.

This pile is plywood. I know what that is.

Yesterday Old Mr. Jim came back to help finish up the brick laying stuff. Remember him? He got up on the scaffold again to help with the last course.

Alec also finished knocking out the bricks for the doorway between the 2 stalls. There used to be a window there.

Now he's bolting the first boards to the brick. I think he'll be finished with that tonight.

Here are some pictures I took from Erin's bedroom window so you could see a bird's eye view.

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Ippel said...

Hey Katie,
I completely lost track of your blog. I'm glad that you found me back. We really need to get our kids together next time you're in MI. It would be fun to see our "twin" families interact :)