Friday, March 18, 2011

One more step back

When Alec was removing the old garage roof, he noticed that the cinder blocks were very old and not put together properly. Properly meaning that they were held together by mortar (which by this time is very old and crumbly) but not filled or reinforced. When he built the new portion he put re-bar every few feet and filled the blocks with cement. No such stuff on the old part. Anchoring the new roof to a block would be only that - one block and a perhaps wobbly block at that.

So the past few days he has been mixing cement, climbing ladders & scaffolding, and pouring cement down into the blocks. The blocks are so old that their openings are much smaller than new blocks and he had to improvise a funnel - cut the tip off an old caution cone and turned it upside down. It works.

He's been pretty sore and tired at night lately.

At least the weather has been nice.

Meanwhile, Erin finds more places to "rest" with her multitudes of blankets and animals.

And Luke has been playing with a new Lego set that Aunt Pat sent for his birthday along with Erin's present. I think he has built, torn apart, and rebuilt the set about 5 times in the past 2 days.

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