Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Erin's nap spots

Lately Erin has been taking self-imposed naps during quiet rest time in the afternoon. I don't usually mind, but I try not to let her sleep too long or bedtime is a disaster. We're still trying to get used to the time change right now though, and this morning's wake up for school was difficult. Plus I've been trying to take the kids on a walk each afternoon to help my glucose numbers stay down and to enjoy the springtime a little more. She was pretty tired this afternoon and I could tell she was asleep again. I can always tell when she is asleep because it gets really quiet and she doesn't ask for a tape to be flipped (yeah, I'm still trying to find the old favorites on CD so I can use the "repeat" mode and not have to get up every 15 minutes).

Before I show you how I found her today let me preface it by saying that Erin LOVES blankets and always wants them to be spread out perfectly. It's annoying when she wakes up in the middle of the night and can't do it herself. She can't fall back to sleep if they're not just so and calls me to come help - a little bit of OCD, maybe? However, during the day time she can do it by herself just fine. With EVERY SINGLE BLANKET IN HER ROOM. Really.

She also loves little cubby holes and small spaces.

Thus said, here's where she was today:

She took out all the dolls and stuffed animals from a basket that we keep them in and then spread that ABC quilt in the bottom. Next she took her bed pillow and the pillow from the rocking chair along with her "snuggle blankie" and the burp cloth I use on the side of the chair to keep the night light from shining in her eyes at night.

PLUS, this (sorry it's turned but Blogger won't let me upload it properly):

See the 2 other mounds of blankets behind her? Those have dolls, pillows and stuffed animals under them. Very considerate, my Erin.

Here's another way I found her a few weeks ago. She and Luke had been playing with those little yellow tubes non-stop for a few days and she apparently thought it would be a good thing to take a nap in. Behind her on the bed was a whole slew of toys (including the oatmeal box drum and doll you can see).

That's her rest time box and a pillow covered up with her afghan. Not so neat about the rest of the room, but when it comes to spreading blankets she's a pro.

And I didn't take a picture of another one last week, although I wish I did. I sent Luke into her room to wake her since he is very gentle and uses a soft voice (it's pretty cute). He came back out and said, "I can't find her, Mom!" She had climbed into a VERY small doll bed (similar to a doll-sized pack & play) and completely covered her head with blankets. Because the bed was so small, she was forced to sit with her feet hanging out and put her head on her knees. She was so folded and covered up that we walked right past her at first!

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