Monday, January 02, 2012


Lately all the kids seem to have songs in their heads. I often hear Luke humming that catchy little chorus from the J. Geils Band's "Centerfold." I'm not even really sure where he heard it, but once you do it's hard to get that "naa naa na na na na" out of your head.

Erin, on the other hand, puts words (ANY words) to Darth Vader's theme, "The Imperial March." Or she'll just go around the house humming/singing "dun dun dun dah da DUN dah da DUN."

Caroline's brand is more cute and less song-like. I wish I had a clip of her's too but imagine a very happy baby saying "oooooh" over and over again with a few "bbbbbbb"s and "guh"s thrown in. She's definitely the most "chatty" of any of our babies.

* says an earworm is "an irritatingly catchy tune." Basically a song that gets stuck in your head, just like how you're humming like a Sith Lord now.


Melanie said...

Carys is chatty,too. Must be a thing with September 2011 babies. Good to start the new year with your sweet family.

Gayle and Rob said...

When I first read the title of your post I thought maybe the kids had picked up some kind of infection. Thanks for the clarification - I'd never heard that term before.

MLE said...

I love the term earworm -- learned it from MentalFloss! Glad you have such a musical family! :)