Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Use your imagination

Today I saw Dr. Kramer again. The baby is now about 6 lbs. 7 oz. (plus or minus a pound, the tech said). She also could not stop commenting on how much hair the baby has. She could see it waving around in the amniotic fluid.

Here's a picture - I'll give you the big version this time. You'll have to try hard to see it and I'll try to explain the picture a little. There is a semi-circle with just black under it. That semi-circle is the outline of the baby's skull. See where it says "hair" with an arrow? All those little stick-uppy lines are hair - also the fuzzy white all around the semi-circle. It's way more than we even saw on Luke's sonograms so maybe I'll get some use out of all those little hairband thingys I got from a friend.


I asked Dr. Kramer if he would induce me if I went overdue like he did with Luke. He said, "No. You're not going to be late." When I asked him how he knew he said, "Because I'm going to induce you at 40 weeks." OK, then. We will definitely have a new baby in this house in no more than 23 days!


Sharon said...

Lots of hair for the new one. She will be so cute w/the head bands that are so popular. I counted 23 days and that is 3/15. We fly home from the ranch that day and will pick Lexi up in SF for 10 days. Then it will only be another 3 weeks after she goes home until we come to see all of you. I'm so ready to play with Luke and cuddle Miss W.


Gayle and Rob said...

Now that is just cool beans, Kate! Sonograms don't usually get me all that excited, but that is a really neat picture. And 23 days is do-able, no? Probably easier for me to say than for you to endure, but the completion of this part of VW's journey is near.


aunt cindy said...

thanks for keeping in touch via our xanga.

KTP said...


I just posted an ultrasound picture, too. I was thinking of you during the session. I can't remember why.