Friday, February 15, 2008

She's cute even when she's sick

And can still get into trouble just as quickly, too!

I've been putting the kids down for their naps an hour or more earlier than I used to when Erin was still napping in the morning. I can't tell you how much this has changed the daily schedule for the better! I feel like I get more done even though it's still roughly the same amount of time. Erin wakes up first because she usually goes down 30 to 45 minutes before Luke; then she just plays by herself in her room while I fold laundry or work on sewing projects. I think this is why I feel like I'm getting more done. Before I never had time to sew.

She reminds me so much of Luke at this age, very intense when she's engrossed in a book or toy. Here are a few pictures of her playing and then making a huge mess in about 10 minutes.


Cheeks just like Luke had, too.



Luke can get into trouble pretty fast, too. Guess what was in that cubby 30 seconds before this picture was taken?

All of that (minus the kid).


Last night we went out for supper. When we were getting ready to go, Alec got out his hat and Luke got out his, too. Alec found Luke's first ball cap and put it on Erin. We just had to take a picture!

Or two.


And lastly. Luke is finally wearing underwear all day. Sometimes when we have to go out he wears a pull-up and he still has accidents, but not like before Christmas when we tried first.

Alec laughed the other night when he saw those tiny dukes in the laundry basket. And the little buns are pretty cute, too!

Oh, and Luke is sick now too. He's got a fever and a hacking cough. I wish we had 2 humidifiers.


MLE said...

Those little buns are pretty cute! Glad to hear that the whole potty training thing will soon be a thing of the past -- for a while anyway. That hat picture is pretty darn cute.

B said...

Ack! You should have called me with the whole croup thing - that's my specialty! I have lots of good suggestions if you ever need them again. Just be sure your humidifier is a cool mist and not warm - it makes all the difference!

aunt cindy said...

it's so fun to compare what Erin and Luke are doing to Kendra and similar. It sure would be fun to have your two families together.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! And we finally bought a second humidifier, because when one got sick the other inevitably did too...hope everyone is feeling better soon!

KTP said...

congrats on the underwear. We're not even trying that yet!

I got the little sippy cup for Brady in a set - it's actually a sippy cup top on a snack cup bottom. You can do that with the take-n-toss cups at Target.

Tink said...

What's your Etsy shop called? I'll mark it in my favorites! :)