Monday, December 01, 2008

Variation on a theme

Not exactly sitting under something, but close.

Today I decided to let Erin play with play-doh for the first time. I've been apprehensive about letting her since she puts everything in her mouth, but she did pretty well. I saw her try to eat some a couple times, but I scolded her and she didn't try it again. I saw her pull a face so maybe it helped that she's such a picky eater.

Kept both of them busy long enough for me to bring in the groceries and put everything away. It's nice to have such intense kids sometimes.

And here are the promised hummus-eating pictures.

I guess no one told her that chickpeas are vegetables. She just thinks it's "dip."

Right before this picture, I asked Erin to say "cheese."

And another nice one of Luke, who doesn't like to be left out of the picture-taking festivities.

Neither of them ate more than a couple bites of supper tonight. As I was laying with Luke after we put him to bed he said, "I'm a little bit more hungry, mom." I told him breakfast was in a few hours and he should've eaten more of his supper. I hope Erin doesn't wake up hungry in the middle of the night.


MLE said...

Luke used to make that funny face when he took pictures too -- I remember his "cheese" also looked like Erin's for awhile!

Rebecca said...

Sam loves hummus too! But man, does he make a mess. Oh least it's healthy!

I'm going to have to see what Sam does with playdough. Oh the joy of having your children be able to focus on something for several minutes!